Glitter pine cones

A few years ago, these glitter pine cones were one of the first Christmas decorations I made after moving into this house. Since then, we've completely changed our living room and broke both hurricane vases, but the pine cones are still going strong.  

We have varied reading tastes in this house.

For the how-to (and some up close shots), check out this post.


DIY ribbon + evergreen garland

Sorry guys, I have no idea how to properly take a photograph facing a window, so bear with me. 

I made this super easy garland to hang in front of our dining room window and I love how it turned out. At the risk of explaining something that really doesn't need to be explained, I cut A TON of strips of ribbon and tied them to a piece of twine. I added the boughs afterwards, securing them with floral tape.

We never re-hung the curtains in here after installing the new floors, so this DIY is also a great way to disguise abandoned curtain rod brackets. Since I'm assuming most people don't have this problem, Command Hooks work too.

Psst...check out the felted garland I made back in 2011.


Picking out a tree in the world's Christmas tree capital

We're lucky enough to have family friends with a Christmas tree farm - in the Christmas tree capital of the world, no less. They invited us over, let us pick out a tree, cut it down for us, strapped it to our car, and even made us dinner. They're really nice friends.

Hannah had a great time running around, checking out all the trees. She was especially thrilled that we got to take one home - I love her expression in the last photo, as she's looking over the tree we just cut down.

When I was kid, we went to a family friend's farm every year to cut down our Christmas tree. I have great memories of the tractor ride into the woods, running around with the other kids to locate the perfect tree, watching in amazement as it was cut down, and drinking hot chocolate inside a warm house afterwards. We bought our tree in the city last year, so it was really nice to share the experience of picking out a tree and watching it be cut down with Hannah. Hopefully this will be a great memory for her someday, too.


Spotted on Etsy: LaBokoff

Mlle A
Pole Ocean
Pole Alpes
Pole Emeraude

I recently discovered LaBokoff on Etsy, and thought I would share. The artist behind the shop combines photography and painting to showcase scenes from her home in France. There are many more prints in her shop, so make sure you stop by and check them out!


DNTO live in Halifax

Sook-Yin Lee interviewing El Jones / my wonky-eyed selfie / proof of my fantastic seat 

I was lucky enough to score tickets to the live taping of DNTO at the Halifax Central Library on Wednesday night (tickets were free and reserved in advance, and apparently Haligonians scooped them up in mere moments). I invited my mom to come with me and we had a great evening together!

We started with dinner and a drink at The Fireside, then walked over to the new library - which doesn't open to the public until December 13th - for the taping. Just like when Adam and I attended a taping of The Daily Show in New York, I love getting to see how the shows I watch and listen to come together behind the scenes. I've watched/listened to DNTO host Sook-Yin Lee since her days as a MuchMusic VJ, so it was really cool to watch her do her thing in person (she was funny and charming). We also got to hear from some really great guests, including Halifax's Poet Laureate El Jones and musician Mo Kenny.


My phone takes terrible photos, especially at night, so I borrowed this picture of the new library from its website. Pretty incredible, eh? No wonder it made CNN's list of 10 eye-popping buildings in 2014.


Starting from scratch: what would you do?

Like many - possibly most - people, my house didn't come with my dream bathroom. Sure, it's a massive improvement over what we started with, but it still isn't what I'd choose if I got to rip everything out and start from scratch. I've been obsessed with this bathroom for awhile, so when Modern Bath contacted me and asked if I'd like to collaborate on a post, I thought it would be fun to create a mood board using my favourite Internet bathroom as inspiration. Sort of a, this is what I would do if I got to start from scratch, mood board.

1 - Double wall sconce light from Modern Bath
2 - Traditional pedestal sink and faucet from Modern Bath
3 - Striped hand towels from West Elm
4 - Medicine cabinet from Modern Bath
5 - Glass shelf from Modern Bath
6 - Wall colour, Palest Pistachio by Benjamin Moore
7 - Wall tile, classic white subway tile
8 - Floor tile, white hex tile
9 - Turkish rug from Ebay seller expertofcarpetandkilim

I also love this free-standing linen cabinet, so let's just assume my dream bathroom would have space for it, too. If not, I'd choose a vanity with more storage options, since every bathroom needs room to stash your stuff.

So that's what I'd do if I got to start from scratch. Maybe in my next house?

This post was sponsored by modernbath.com. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


Cinnamon applesauce star ornaments

I bought Hannah this tabletop Christmas tree for her bedroom, and she loves it. I picked up a box of miniature ball ornaments while I was in the store, and we made cinnamon-applesauce star ornaments using this recipe (I didn't have enough cinnamon on hand, so I mixed in some nutmeg, too).

We had a lot of fun making the ornaments - Hannah loved helping roll out the dough, cutting out stars, and arranging them on the pan for the oven. I knew threading the ornaments would be impossible - and frustrating - for her, so I did that part while she was asleep.

We hung them on her tree as soon as she woke up the next morning. Hannah has been calling them "my stars" and enjoys taking them off the tree and carrying them around the house (I found two in my bed this morning).

As an added bonus, they make her entire room smell so good! I think they'd make a great gift, or a cute gift tag, too. Now I just need to make a miniature tree skirt :)
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