19 Weeks

This is a just because post. Just because I realize I haven't shared a picture of my growing belly yet. And just because I have a really sweet husband story to tell (sometimes it's the little things that remind me how incredibly lucky I am).

Adam occassionally works at a home for adults with intellectual disabilities and sometimes he works overnight. Last night was one of those nights, and because my BB - which doubles as my alarm clock - was nearly dead and my charger was at work, I asked Adam to give me a 6:30am wake-up call. He didn't need to be awake at 6:30am, but he called me anyway.

Me: "Can you call me back in 15 minutes?"
Adam: "Like a snooze button?"
Me: "Yes."
Adam: "OK."

It's just one of the countless, slightly obnoxious things that I ask him to do for me on a regular basis, which he does, without complaint. He is awesome. I am lucky. That is all.


  1. Awwwww.......I love you guys together!

  2. Elizabeth BaumgartnerMarch 22, 2012 at 7:11 PM

    That is one cute belly and one sweet hubby! :)
    Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door

  3. Oh my goodness. You are completely adorable.

    Also, Dan so wouldn't be my snooze button. Not even a little bit.

  4. a) Look at YOU so cute with your growing belly! :) So glad you shared a photo
    b) LUCKY YOU! There is no way B would do that for me if he didn't have to be up... and if he did there is NO WAY he would be my call back snooze button! hahaha - that is one of his pet peeves with me (my love of the snooze button... not that I use it anymore. Babies don't come with one of those haha).

  5. Your comment on one of my earlier posts was the impetus behind this one :)

  6. awww...you are so cute! Look at you and your cute little belly, you look great. And your hubs is special! There is no way I would do that for someone...but I swear I'm a nice person... :)

  7. Awww that IS a sweet hubby story! : ) Good for him. And you look adorable, girl! That color is so pretty on you. You're going to be all bump!


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